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Michael Roque Collins, From Ruins to Resurrection - Sacred Landscapes



Published in 2009

Available at Amazon:


You may also contact the artist for a signed copy at:


“I bought this book, in part, so I can study Michael Roque Collins' artwork and to learn more about the artist. I was fortunate enough to meet the artist in an exhibit of his in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not to sound melodramatic, but after speaking with him for a few minutes, I felt I was in the company of a master whose depth of knowledge goes beyond the brush and canvas. And somehow, Mr. Collins is able to capture wisdom in his brushstrokes. His bold-brush stokes reveal themes of redemption and tragic beauty through metaphors of light and dark. Any serious collector should consider  having this book (and his art!) in their collection.”

- J. Ferragut, NYC


“…As the title indicates, the work is lush and symbolic, stunningly contrasts elements of dark and light (in color and metaphor), and takes us through landscapes that are beautiful and terrible, lush and lonely, all at once. He's not a man of one medium, either. You'll find watercolors, bold-brushed oils, unique paintings on photographs and some evocative installation work. I've watched Collins' work evolve, and it is a fascinating journey. I love the theme of redemption that runs through his art and the elements of mankind versus environment. If you love expressionism and want to discover a contemporary artist of moving, tragic beauty, you've found the right book. The accompanying text is engrossing and poetic, illuminating Collins' place in figurative expressionism and the post-symbolist movement. The Texas-based artist names Van Gogh, the Hudson River School, Anselm Kiefer and Tintoretto among his influences, but frankly, his powerful paintings speak for themselves. Any lover and/or collector of art is going to relish discovering the sacred landscapes of Michael Roque Collins.”

- E. Faxes, Los Angeles

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